4 New Home Trends for 2017. and Out with the 3 Old ones.

Home Designs Trending for 2017.

1. Marble: The biggest trend of all will be MARBLE in shades of white and light gray.
Use them for your table tops, counter tops, and don’t forget the flooring and well as the small items through out your home like a vase.

2. Velvet: The exciting fashion trend for 2017 will be velvet for theout interior decor. Splashes of velvet fabrics will be used for throw pillows to couches throughout the home. Be daring and make your velvet curtains.

3. Colors of Jewels: Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green will be one of the most desirable colors to add to your interior design this year to bring richness to your home.

4. Built-Ins: From built-in shelving, to a small bar seating area, Built Ins are Back!
You will enjoy entertaining or hosting in a classic style as you make space for your friends to move around.

Three Trends to DITCH for 2017

1. The Industrial Design: came and gone quick! Like the exposed bricks or uncomfortable furniture.
Instead, the 2017 design aesthetic will shift toward “steam punk,” a unique hybrid of Victorian- inspired elegance boasting rich leather and plush fabrics, combined with machine-like accents for a modern twist.

2. The GREY: From wall colors to couches. 2017 will have more welcoming brighter colors on everything from walls to rugs in an effort to make their space feel more individualized.

3. The “Quote” Art: Example would be the wood signs that says “Home Sweet Home”. This art trend is way overdone and will fade quickly. Rather than decorating with words or cliché sayings, start to incorporate artwork reminiscent of the colors and textures found in nature.