African-Style RANCH – 7 Lakes – 4 Homes – 560 Acres – Helicopter

Remarkable 560-acre African-Style Ranch surrounded by National Forest just an hour away from San Diego. 20 minutes by Helicopter. For Sale by Pacific Sotheby’s at $16 million.

7 Lakes – 4 Homes – Horse Stables – 2 Helicopter Pads – 560 Acres – Fully Sustainable with Solar, Wells, Water Storage, Satellite, Generators, etc

The ranch offers a multitude of activities, including horseback riding, hiking, camping, hunting, bird watching, swimming, remarkable sunset viewing, and more.

Double S is also home to an aviary, and a host of animals, including chickens, turkeys, goats, llamas, and more than fifteen Watusi cattle, who were crossbred to develop a super hardy animal that could handle any environment. With the most temperate of climates, mountain and ocean views, endless riding trails, helicopter pads, and multi million dollar living structures, log cabin.

Located in Santa Ysabel near I-76 and S7, east of I-15, just east of Valley Center. Santa Ysabel is a place where many people visit the geologic formations, art galleries, casino and the wineries. Surrounded by mountains and hills The Double S is a true ranch utopia for The Rich.