Don’t Delay, Get Your Granny Flat TODAY!

Now is the time to move forward with adding on to your home with a Granny Flat, She Shed, Man Cave, Mother-in-Law, Studio, Convert Garages, Guest Quarter, Maids Quarter, Companion Unit, etc.  We are in the new world of California Senate Bill  SB1069, which was active January 1, 2017. This law has loosened some of the rules that have historically made Add-Ons difficult to get permitted. No one knows how long this will last so Don’t Delay, Get Your Granny Flat Today.

I found this article from but it is a California law so each city will have their own rules and regulations. I’m sure this company can guide you.

Since you are here the chances are good that you or someone you know is interested in getting a Granny Flat for their property for various reason;  A place for grandparents or parents to live, teenagers to have their privacy, Man Caves,  She Shed, Entertainment room, Office,  Passive Income, the list goes on and on.

A classic Granny Flat sits by itself on the property and has its own entrance, as well as its own kitchen and bathing facilities so it truly is an independent unit on the property. These are the most difficult ones to get approval. The changes reduces fees paid by the homeowners and eliminates requirements for more parking spaces. SB1069 returns more power to Home Owners.

Unfortunately, housing in California is extremely expensive. Many households struggle to find housing that is affordable and meets their needs. SB1069 will allow home owners to add on to their property for extra rent cash to offset the rising price of homes.

The legislation says that as long as the granny flat meets current zoning guidelines, the homeowners can avoid having to get a conditional use permit.

Homeowners can get out of providing parking for granny units, which cannot exceed 1,200-square-feet, as long as it is within a half mile of public transit, if they are part of an existing primary residence or in an architecturally and historically significant district.

Local agencies would be blocked from charging connection fees for the granny flats for water and sewer service. Other requirements, such as adding fire sprinklers for small accessory dwelling units even if the primary residence doesn’t need them, are eliminated under the legislation.

The rules & regulations for Granny Flats vary from city to city, with some cities being more amenable to the idea than others. Check with your planning department but Don’t Delay, Get Your Granny Flat Today!

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