MORE CONDO’S ( a lot more) – FHA NEW RULES start Oct. 19, 2019

FHA NEW RULES start October 19, 2019  will allow up to 60,000 more condos to qualify for Government Insured FHA Loans.

That is GREAT NEWS for San Diego, where the average price of a detached home is around $650,000 so a Condominium is an alternate-choice with an average price of around $450,000.

With as little as 3.5% down – CALL YOUR FAVORITE LENDER NOW or I can recommend one of my favorite lenders, doesn’t matter who just Call and get your paperwork ready. Then call me and we will go House Hunting.

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There are several websites that will explain the requirements for a FHA loan just google it.

Here is one that has a lot of details, I have never used this company  so can not recommend them but great information.