Ocean-Front YOGA every Sat. & Sun. in Pacific Beach

Every Sat and Sun in PB
donations accepted

Yoga Instructor, Steve Hubbard has been holding Ocean Front Yoga classes in Pacific Beach every Saturday and Sunday at Palisade Park (aka The End Of Law Street Park) Pacific Beach, California, 92109.

Steve has been putting these classes on for awhile now, when I first went there were around 40-50 people and now you will see HUNDREDS. It is a beautiful way to find your inner warrior on a grassy patch over looking the Pacific Ocean. Class is from 10:00 am to 11:30 am but you want to get there earlier to get a front row position.

There is a full article in today’s Beach & Bay Press on Steve’s
passion for Yoga and he combines his knowledge of all things yoga
with the power and magnificence of the local scenery.
He encourages students to listen to their inner intelligence and to honor themselves and not to look at this as an exercise class. Yoga and Meditation is meant to move you towards living at your fullest potential.

He does not charge for the class but donations are accepted which he shares with a variety of charities.

If you can’t make it this weekend then go next weekend and I recommend that you ride your bike there because parking is limited.

Find your inner warrior and remember that you’re powerful beyond belief. Happy Healthful Living