Rain Barrel ONLY $10 after Rebate

I have seen more and more Rain Barrel in homes lately here in San Diego.
Five out of Ten Homes I show in Clairemont have some type of a water recycle system to manager what little rain we have.
First I thought it really doesn’t make a lot of sense to pay over a hundred dollars to install a Rain Barrel when it doesn’t rain that much in Southern California but at this price Why Not.
People are even using them as Garden Art by painting your favorite design on them.

I came across this ad in The Reader this week from San Diego Drums & Totes who is offering a 50 gallon Rain Barrel for only 10 bucks after the $75 State Rebate, while supplies last. www.SDdrums.com

Really nice looking Rain Barrel that can capture rain water from your roofs downspouts that can be used for Outdoor Use Only. People are watering their Lawns, Garden, Outdoor Plants and even washing their car or patio, etc.

I looked into it a little more and found several Water Conservative Rebates on www.SoCalWaterSmart.com for Indoors and Outdoor Use:
* High-Efficiency Clothes Washer
* High-Efficiency Toilets
* Turf Removal
* Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles
* Rain Barrels and more…

State of California is Offering REBATES for Rain Barrels

Paint your Rain Barrel