Daniel T. – Texas

Here’s the situation: Mother-in-law passed away in San Diego and I was the unlucky member of the family to act as Successor Trustee for the family trust. Since I reside in Texas, I knew that selling her house was going to be a long-distance affair. I was unfamiliar with the San Diego market. I had a million things to do even without selling a house. The family was already receiving low-ball offers for the house the very day after Mom’s passing. Here’s the solution: Like we are always told do, immediately after arriving in San Diego I had intended to interview at least three real estate Agents. Well folks, five minutes after meeting Josie Sarullo at her Prudential office., I tossed all future interviews out the window. Right then and there, I knew in my heart that I had not only the “best” but the “only” Agent that I wanted to work with. Reckon I was right on. Due solely to her energy, coaching, and marketing skills, the house sold in a single day at a top-dollar price! I respect and appreciate real people. Josie is REAL. Real in her personality and character, real in her love of what she does, real in her interest in taking care of her client, and real in giving you the best possible service. Bar none.