Stacey C. – Oregon

I found Josie on Yelp after several frustrating weeks trying to secure a rental property in San Diego all the way from Portland. Just shortly after I emailed her to see if she even provides this type of service (given that she is a real estate agent and not a property manager), Josie got back to me and instantly and kindly agreed to help us out. She provided me with a list of possible homes straight away. By that evening she had gone, as our representative, to look at the three homes we chose (delaying her own personal plans) and by the next morning, 24 hours after our first contact, she secured us a home. We changed our mind on this place due to our own oversight and she was kind and gracious about this and kept on with the search. Josie did more for us in a day than we had been able to achieve ourselves in 3 weeks. She is a super woman. She is action oriented and wastes NO time at all. She helped us out of her own kindness and we are so very grateful. We’re planning on buying in about a year and Josie is the only person we will consider as our realtor. Josie makes stuff happen!!!