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Article 1: Why are summer energy bills higher?

The first two weeks in August were the hottest on record with an average temperature of 86.5 degrees — a full 10 degrees higher than the average high. This extreme heat that we’ve all been experiencing has many of us using more energy than normal as we look for relief. The increased energy use combined with higher summer pricing has resulted in our bills being higher than normal.

Some residential customers are seeing an increase in their bills because they’re hitting the state-mandated High Usage Charge – the highest tier of electricity pricing, which went into effect in November 2017. The High Usage Charge was introduced to encourage energy efficiency. SDG&E doesn’t profit from the sale of electricity to our customers. The electricity purchased for your home is a direct pass-through to your bills. Visit sdge.com/highusage to learn more.

The High Usage Charge kicks in when your household exceeds four times its average daily use. This is also known as the baseline allowance, which varies by climate zone and season. Understanding your baseline allowance can help you manage your energy bill. Check out sdge.com/try-our-baseline-calculator.

Subscribe to energy alerts at sdge.com/alerts and you’ll know in advance when your usage will trigger the High Use Charge. These alerts will let you know both before and when you start getting charged for high usage. You can choose to receive email, voice or text alerts.

Also, you can choose a Time-of-Use pricing plan that allows you more control over your energy usage. You won’t incur a High Usage Charge on this plan. Learn more about pricing plans atsdge.com/whenmatters.

Visit sdge.com/summer for ways to save energy this summer. Another helpful starting point is to log into or sign up for My Account at myaccount.sdge.com. Within My Account, you can view your energy use, find out what your baseline is, compare pricing plans, and sign up for High Usage Charge alerts.

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