Deborah – Italy

Best Agent ever!
We moved in San Diego just recently from Italy, and we immediately understood that with the crazy rent, it would be a better idea to buy our own place.
So once day we stepped into Josie’s office, asking for the impossible: a single family house in PB at a low price. Yes, basically what everyone ask for. We immediately understood that she was the right person: very expert in her job, always available to answer all our questions, and strong when she needs to be. She helped us to find a temporary rental while finding a place for us, and she was able to deal with all the contacts/paperwork for us for free. Then, our research started, and (I guess like every buyer), we bothered her for every single detail! Well, she was wonderful, always very honest (even in saying, “this house doesn’t worth the price”, that is something unusual for an agent…) and available to come to visit tons of places with us. And, eventually, she found exactly what we were looking for, the perfect place for us. Yes, that’s like a dream comes true, and we have to thank Josie for every steps she did with us. We didn’t have any experience with escrow/documents and all other stuff you need to do to buy a house, but thanks to Josie, it was all easy and right. We are now ready to move in our new home, and of course we’ll invite Josie for dinner as our first guest!
I really recommend her for everyone who wants a wonderful person and an expert agent taking care of selling/buying a home. Thanks again Josie, for all what you did for us.